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 Is the removal and disposal of dangerous and unwanted antennas and sattlelite dishes for residential and commercial properties throughout Ontario .

Most Antennas have been up for over 30  years and are no longer useful and pose a serious hazard for children, animals and could possibly fall on houses and power wires.
Doctor Antenna is fully insured for the removal, erection or repair of T.V and Radio antennas and satellite dishes.  We will leave the area clean and free of any dangerous debris.

Our success rate is unblemished with over 200 antennas and fixtures safely removed.  Customer Service is our priority, and our highly trained staff are courteous. 

Don't let a serious accident happen to you, call now for a free estimate, and tune into the logical solution Doctor Antenna.

"Why remove your old Tower"

They are old and could fall and damage property
- Keep critters of your roof
- They attract birds which leave droppings and ruin your roof
- They are unattractive
-They are a security threat allowing burglars easy access
- They are noisy on windy days

"Why keep your old Antenna"

- You can put a new high def. Antenna on top
- Add a satellite to get better reception
- Cut top off and use as a ladder
- Add cameras to them 

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Electricians review in Toronto

Chris is a true professional, disciplined and determined to solve problems. My system is working better than it ever has thanks to him. 


 Great service, very thorough and professional. Chris is also a friendly and easy going guy and he does everything he can
to satisfy his customers. After the install, we now have more than 30 channels. The price was very reasonable for the fantastic service.I would definitely hire the Doctor again. 

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