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Can you believe Doctor Antenna has been around for ten years?  I can't!
What I can believe is I must be doing something right.  This year alone I have had at least seven people re use my service on the new houses they purchased.  I can't even begin to count how many people have referred me to their friend and families. 


When you call Doctor Antenna, I am proud to admit that you deal with me and only me.  It's still a small company and I believe it's strength is derived from it's person-ability.  As my ninety-two year old dad always said:  "I'm the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer".

Another thing that surprises me every day is that so many people call me asking me to fix an antenna that was installed by someone else....why aren't they getting the original person to fix their own work?  My take on that is that the other installer is not big on the after sales service, or they simply aren't in the Antenna Installation business any more!

 At Doctor Antenna we (I) install, guarantee and fix my own work and apparently other people's work as well!!!  I'll even go as far as giving you a guarantee on my repairs of other people's work!  If I am putting my company's reputation on the line to fix other's mistakes, heck, I"ll give you that guarantee and stand by my work.

 In closing, Doctor Antenna will provide you with the best quality, insured, safe install your dollar can buy.
And don't forget about Doctor Antenna's other services.  We have been safely removing old TV Antenna Towers from both residential and commercial properties for ten years.  Those old, out of date satellites that litter almost everyone's  house, the huge old black satellite dishes that you find in peoples back yards and on top of old sports bars, never to be used again are all removed by Doctor Antenna.  
 As I have said all along...."Tune Into the Logical Solution", let me be the next Doctor that makes a house call to your home.

 Thank you again for your patronage to Doctor Antenna,

 Christopher MacDonald, Founder, President and CEO​

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 My guarantee is:  I come, I do a test, I show you the results and if you're happy, I do the install, if you're not, I walk away no obligations....where else can you find service like that? 

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